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LA BRISE’S VIDEOS - Villa La Brise

Winter, summer, during the holiday season or just for a weekend away, our charming ocean villa is available all year round ...

A new giant from the sea

Villa La Brise recently had the pleasure of welcoming a Crew Captain from the Royal Caribbean and we were therefore able to obtain special permission to film the largest liner in the world - the Symphony of the Seas – before its official launch at the dry dock at STX France Saint Nazaire. .. I would like to share this incredible moment with you !

Credit : David LAFORGE




Villa La Brise

New movie for Villa La Brise

Situated at the foot of the Pointe de Chémoulin, 5 minutes from the market town of Saint Marc, very near but also sheltered from the crowds at La Baule, the villa spans a wild, quiet, ocean frontage, with no obstacles in the way of full contemplation of the sea. Nestled on the cliff, the property sits on grounds of 1600 m2, enclosed by walls and secured guardrails. Centennial pines and green oak provide shady areas for some well deserved naps. Access to the coastal path towards the village (5 minutes walk) and the beach (25 meters) is made possible via a pretty oak stepped stairway. Toys and outdoor games, beach paraphernalia, bicycles and landing nets are to be found inside the garden shed ...

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Easter 2017, when else ? ...
Like a seagull, come to discover or revisit these beautiful beaches, we start from the villa, on a beautiful April day !
From the Grand Traict beach, at the foot of the villa, towards the beach at Jaunais and at Sainte Marguerite, the coast is full of small preserved enclaves, far away from the crowds of La Baule.
Directed by David LAFORGE


Spring is approaching ; we reserve a few wonderful surprises for these off-season evenings such as the occasion of this flight to La Pierre Percée, in front of the Sainte Marguerite beach. A few minutes from La Brise, come and enjoy your glass of rosé at the small beach restaurant, Le TIBIDABO, right in front of the sunset.


The Grand Charpentier is a lighthouse.
It rises up on the Grand Charpentier reef, at the mouth of the Loire. It was built from 1884 to 1887 and put into service in January 1888.
It measures 26.55 meters in height. It can only be reached by small boat and preferably before the low tide.
It was electrified in 1966. It is automated and not guarded. It can not be visited.
Its white, red and green light sections flash every 1.5 seconds, and it has a range of 14 miles (about 26 km).